Green Burials

The Langley Woodmen Cemetery has a section set aside for green burials.


Many families want a simple natural burial for environmental reasons, and so that they can creatively engage in the process of laying a loved one to rest. This information is for families who choose a green burial for their loved one.

Preplanning Is Highly Recommended

At the time of a loved one’s death, making the proper decisions and arrangements, while dealing with many unfamiliar details, can be very difficult and often overwhelming for the family. A Green Burial Consultant is familiar with these details.

Green burial provides for greater participation by the family. Part of the participatory and creative process in a green burial is selecting the burial container and determining whether to have a machine operator dig the grave or to hand dig the grave. Conversation and planning prior to need helps to assure fulfillment of your wishes and those of your loved one.

In order to abide by state and city regulations and to ensure that the digging of the grave goes smoothly, families are strongly suggested to employ the services of a Green Burial Consultant or a Licensed Funeral Director. Contact the City of Langley for the list of approved Green Burial Consultants.

When Your Loved One Dies

The city must be asked as far in advance as possible to mark the grave and informed of the date and time of the graveside service/burial — (360) 221-4246, “0”. Langley Public Works will mark the grave. This can take a couple of days.

The family is responsible for landscaping and planting their gravesite. The city is responsible for mowing and trimming the cemetery.

Because there is no concrete vault, the grave will likely settle. Due to the increased care required of green burial plots, there is a maintenance fee paid at the time of burial.

For further information about the Langley Woodmen Cemetery,
In addition to this website, please refer to the cemetery brochure, available at Langley City Hall, 112 Second Street, Langley, WA


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