Successful Spring Work Party!

cemetery spring work party 7mar15_3222

cemetery spring work party lamium work 7mar15_3229The cemetery was so well cleaned up by the efforts of the Friends this winter, through volunteer and paid help,  that there was no need for any raking and debris pick up.

So we started in on the eradication of the noxious weed Yellow Archangel that is taking over the back of the cemetery. It is creeping at an alarming rate and we needed to knock it back.

A big thank you to the volunteers who worked hard at digging it up and putting it into plastic bags to be disposed of! Much more work to be done, but a terrific start was made in controlling it.

We also hauled out a large dump trailer load of branches and debris. This area, which had been patiently waiting its turn for some attention, is now spiffed up!